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Providing the Best Service, everything a customer can imagine

  • Architectural Design
    Architecture is the pinnacle of art, business and technology, and we believe successful design innovation results from true communication and collaboration of the client and our interdisciplinary experts. Our differentiated service that understands the bigger picture provides creative yet versatile and efficient designs that translate to tangible value.
  • Interior Design
    An interior space should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but should also communicate the design of the whole architecture and speak of the organization it houses. Heerim dedicates its interior design services in planning spaces for clients that create culture and relationship and continue to enhance the value and the quality of the building through promoting efficient and flexible use of space.
  • Landscape Design
    Heerim’s landscape design seeks the balance of nature and development to build sustainable environment. Our team of landscape experts is keen to find where creativity, sustainability and social and business demands converge to implement innovative design solutions for our clients. We provide design and planning services not limited to buildings but also for open and natural environments, recreational and public infrastructure, and natural resources.
  • Building Remodeling
    Today’s architecture requires both visually appeal and versatility; Heerim’s renovation experts transform potentials to reality and bring forward the latent opportunities into light.
    Through intuitive assessment of the current architecture, the business trends, and technical feasibilities, we provide innovative design solutions that affect the life cycle of the building, work with the related authorities, and administer construction processes.
  • Lighting design
    Good lighting design not only the functionality and aesthetics Amenity and Comfort, and psychological aspects of the environment must be provided. Buildings and spaces are composed of form and color with the "light“. If there is no light, there are no spaces will be like. Thus, the precious light, dealing with lighting design Architecture / Interior / Landscape / formative stages of design, complementing and completing a higher level will increase.
    Artificial lighting and natural light to provide a "light" designed by a heerim(P2LEDcube) to another environment improvement and development of the city as a aesthetics will become a small power.
  • Urban Planning Design
    Understanding the cultural, social and economic needs specific to the region, Heerim’s design approach ensures successful development that generates further growth.
    A multi-disciplinary team consisting of experts in landscape, architecture, civil engineering, social science, financial analysis and other fields of specialty required by a project collaborate to build comprehensive urban designs, and the collaboration provides the stepping stone for a successful development project.
  • Sustainable Design
    Our vision for greener tomorrow addresses challenges concerning our immediate and long-term futures. We provide our clients with sustainable design solutions to enhance the quality of their assets. Cooperating with our various design and technical teams, Heerim’s sustainable design team contributes to the design for energy efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent and sustainable architecture, provide consulting for LEED accreditation, and actively engage in research projects to pioneer the new era of greener design.
  • Business Planning
    Heerim identifies opportunities for our clients through comprehensive study of their businesses, social, cultural and environmental needs. We provide client’s business the competitive edge to maximize the asset values through strategic solutions for real estate development and asset management. Our business planning service provides a three stage project development- Project Analysis & Research, Strategy Building and Development Planning.
  • Architecture Research
    The Architecture Research Lab conducts in-depth studies in BIM (Building Information Technology), Construction Management technology and Digital Design. The lab also creates parametric models and simulations for on-going design projects, as well as to explore the integration of design and construction management.
  • Construction Management
    As an integrated architectural service provider, Heerim approaches CM from a differentiated point of view, we work for client’s interest and ensure a management service that considers all aspects of the project, including financial, technical and operational feasibility assessment, quality assurance, value engineering (VE), schedule and cost management, on-site supervision, and facility evaluation and management after the construction.
  • Construction Supervision
    In order to guarantee the highest building quality, we work for the client to obtain full value from the construction and provide assistance throughout the process. Our CS experts review design specifications and material selection to ensure construction feasibility and monitors the construction progress and safety management on site. In addition we also provide assistance with post-construction permit work and facility handover.
  • Construction Administration
    To ensure that design is properly reflected in the actual construction of the building, architects assess all technical aspects and circumstances that factor into project progression. The scope of CA service includes reviewing construction documents and shop drawings to make sure they comply with the design intent, handling administrative process for change orders and construction change directive, assessment of supporting permit and other legal work and various types of design coordination, adjustments and settlements.
  • Global HSE Project Management
    We provide sustainable and preemptive smart safety management at all stages of the construction project by providing differentiated safety management services based on the BBS theory, in collaboration with the 'Trinity Safety Group', an American HSE professional company.